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If you’re in the investing world, you may have heard of Rocket Dollar. Rocket Dollar is a brokerage that aims to solve a problem retirement investors have, investing in assets besides the normal stocks and bonds. So, is Rocket Dollar actually all they say? Read our review of Rocket Dollar and learn the truth.

About Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar was founded in 2018 to solve one of the problems that retirement investors have long faced: investing in assets other than stocks and bonds. With Rocket Dollar, you can open an LLC under your retirement account and invest in just about anything you want. That includes real estate, cryptocurrency, startup companies, and more.

Rocket Dollar is completely self-directed, which is good and bad. It gives you total flexibility, but it also means you’re responsible for navigating the world of non-traditional investments. So, this platform is best for investors comfortable doing their own research and navigating IRS restrictions. Rocket Dollar Homepage

How Rocket Dollar Works

Rocket Dollar allows you to open five different types of retirement investment accounts: Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Solo 401(k)s, SEP IRAs, and Inherited IRAs. What makes Rocket Dollar unique from most other brokerages, though is that when you open a retirement account, you’re also creating a new limited liability corporation (LLC) within it.Rocket Dollar Investment Accounts

When you deposit money into your retirement account, it counts the same as any other retirement contribution in the eyes of the IRS. But, that money is then transferred from your retirement account to your LLC. The advantage of this configuration is that your LLC can hold not just stocks and bonds, but also real estate, precious metals, cryptocurrency, equity in startup companies, and just about anything else you could want to invest in.Rocket Dollar Investment Types

Investments through Rocket Dollar are entirely self-directed, meaning that you are solely responsible for researching assets and deciding what to invest in. When you want to invest your money in something, you simply write a check from your LLC’s account. So, the platform puts virtually no limits on what you can do with your money.

Importantly, though, there are some limitations imposed by the IRS on what you can legally invest in. Rocket Dollar does a good job of highlighting investments that are disallowed for legal and tax reasons in the online knowledgebase. If you’re investing in very non-traditional assets – for example, timberland, art, or commodities – you can contact the customer service team at Rocket Dollar to get more specific guidance on what is allowed. 

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Account Requirements

Rocket Dollar has no account minimums. Only US citizens are eligible to open an account. The platform has a questionnaire to help you decide which type of retirement account is most suitable for you.

Rocket Dollar Pricing and Fees

Rocket Dollar has two different plan tiers: Core and Gold.

The Core plan costs a one-time setup fee of $360 and $15 per month after that. This plan sets up your account so you can make investments, but doesn’t offer much else. You’re also limited to customer support by email only.Rocket Dollar Pricing

The Gold plan costs a one-time setup fee of $600 and $30 per month after that. You get access to customer service over the phone, as well as a physical checkbook and debit card for your LLC’s bank account. In addition, the Gold plan comes with automatic filing of your investment-related tax forms and four wire transfers free each year.

It’s worth noting that these plans are not cheap. If you have a $10,000 investment, $15 per month is equivalent to a 1.5% annual fee. That’s less than you’d pay for a money manager, but far more expensive than most brokerage-based IRAs.

Platform and Tools

For the seeming complexity of your retirement account with Rocket Dollar, the platform is impressively simple. To be sure, it’s not an investment research platform – you are, for the most part, left to find investments on your own and to purchase assets on your own.

The main thing that the Rocket Dollar platform offers is a way to track all of the investments that your LLC holds. You can manually add information about your investment into your account. For most common types of investments, including cryptocurrency, metals like gold, silver, and copper, and real estate, Rocket Dollar will automatically track the value of your investments. Of course, it’s also possible to manually input investment returns when you offload an asset.Rocket Dollar Platform

Rocket Dollar Platform Differentiators

Rocket Dollar is extremely unique. It’s one of the only consumer-oriented platforms that allows you to set up an LLC under your retirement investing account. Almost no brokerage will allow this for retail investors. While it’s possible to open an LLC under a self-directed IRA, the hurdles to doing so on your own make it prohibitive for the vast majority of retirement savers. The appeal of Rocket Dollar is that it cuts through the red tape while offering the minimal handrails you need to legally invest in a huge range of assets. 


Rocket Dollar is relatively new, which begs the question of whether it can be trusted with your money. The platform has gone to great lengths to ensure investors that it’s trustworthy. Rocket Dollar is SOC compliant, a security certification established by the American Institute of CPAs, and undergoes regular audits to ensures the platform remains secure. It’s also important to note that your money is held at a partner bank, not by Rocket Dollar itself. 

What Type of Investor is Rocket Dollar Best For?

Rocket Dollar is best for retirement investors who want to diversify their portfolio with assets other than stocks and bonds. While you could invest in stocks and bonds with Rocket Dollar, it’s very expensive relative to a brokerage-based IRA or Solo 401(k) for this purpose. So, the platform is ideal for investing in real estate, commodities, cryptocurrency, startups, and other niche assets.

Importantly, investors using Rocket Dollar need to be capable of performing their own research on investments. Rocket Dollar does not act as an investment advisor and all investments are completely self-directed. This platform embodies the sentiment that with great investing power comes equally great financial responsibility.

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  • Unique, simple way to invest retirement funds in non-traditional assets
  • Much less expensive than opening an IRA LLC on your own
  • Supports Roth IRAs and Solo 401(k)s
  • Interface helps you track and manage investments
  • Customer support team can help navigate IRS restrictions


  • Very few guiderails, making it suitable only for advanced investors
  • Gold plan can be very pricey relative to your total investment