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Having a solid overview of the market so you’re aware of what is happening is highly beneficial in the trading industry. Moomoo is a mobile-friendly trading app designed to offer just that, a comprehensive overview of the market. Moomoo covers not only US stocks, but also Hong Kong, China, and Singapore stocks as well to offer valuable information for overseas trading and investing. In addition to the market overview features, this app also includes stock pages, technical charts, screeners, and custom portfolios. Does this app have what you want? Find out in our complete Moomoo review!

Moomoo is a mobile-friendly trading app that offers an extremely comprehensive overview of the market. This app covers not just US stocks, but also stocks from Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, so it’s especially suitable for overseas trading and investing. The downside to Moomoo is that it isn’t as user-friendly as competing mobile trading apps.

So, is Moomoo the best trading app for your needs? In our Moomoo review, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything this platform offers.

Moomoo Homepage

Moomoo Pricing Options

Moomoo is completely free to use. The platform nudges you to open a brokerage account with Futu Inc., which owns Moomoo, but you’re free to ignore these prompts and use Moomoo without live trading capabilities.

Moomoo Features

Market Overview

Moomoo provides an impressively in-depth overview of stock markets in the US, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. The app shows the gain/loss of the major indices, the distribution of advancers and decliners, and breaks down average gain/loss across market sectors. You can also look at pre-market activity to quickly spot stocks that moved the most prior to the day’s market open.

Moomoo Market Overview

Another neat feature is the ranking list, which shows you what stocks have gained or lost the most value over a specific period – say, 5 minutes or 5 days. You can filter stocks in this list by the day’s percent change, volume, and fundamental metrics too, making it even more actionable for picking out breakout stocks. 

If you want more control over finding potential trading opportunities, Moomoo also has a standalone stock screener with dozens of parameters to choose from. Notably, the screener includes parameters for technical movements such as golden crosses, divergences, and moving average crosses. There are also plenty of filters around trading activity and fundamentals.

Moomoo Stock Screener

Stock Pages And Technical Charts

On individual stock pages, you can access detailed technical charts, news and analysis, options chains, and more. There’s also a dedicated sub-page for financial data, which includes information about the specific products or services that drive a company’s revenue. Moomoo does a nice job of displaying fundamental data visually, with simple charts showing changes in EPS and revenue over time.

Moomoo Stock Page

Moomoo Fundamentals

Moomoo’s technical charts are another selling point for this platform. You can view tick-by-tick or one-minute price data, and the charts use candlesticks by defaults instead of less detailed line plots. On top of that, Moomoo allows you to compare two stocks on the same chart, to add dozens of technical indicators, and to draw trendlines and Fibonacci retracements. 

Moomoo Charting

If you’re using Moomoo on a mobile device, simply turning your phone sideways allows you to view full-screen charts.

Custom Portfolios

Another nice feature within Moomoo is the portfolios module. You can create up to 30 custom portfolios with up to 50 stocks each. Simply assign a percentage weight to each stock in the portfolio and Moomoo will automatically track performance over time.

Moomoo Portfolio

While you can use these portfolios as watchlists, they’re particularly useful for sharing potential investing ideas. Portfolios can be public or private, and anyone on Moomoo can follow a public portfolio and leave comments on it.

News Feed

Moomoo offers a very useful news feed that breaks down into a few different streams: Headlines, Express, Watchlists Related, and Special Reports. The Headlines stories are the biggest pieces of news driving the market, mostly sourced from CNBC.

Moomoo News

The Express stories focus on minute-to-minute updates that could be catalysts for price action. What’s really nice about this feed is that it comes with an audio squawk. So, you can hear headlines in real time while keeping your attention on charts.

Social Network

Perhaps the most unique feature of Moomoo is its social network. The network operates like a hybrid between Twitter and Reddit. You can follow other users on the app, post short status updates that are similar to tweets, view other traders’ custom portfolios and comment on them, and join discussion groups around specific topics. 

Moomoo Social Network

To help you get started using the network, Moomoo suggests popular stocks that are trending in discussions as well as top posts that are receiving a lot of attention. Moomoo also has a top picks section where you can find discussions that the moderation team thinks are worthy of your time.

Moomoo Discussion

Moomoo Customization And Layout

Moomoo is available for iOS and Android smartphone as well as Mac and Windows computers. The platform appears to have been built with mobile devices in mind, but the sheer amount of functionality packed into Moomoo can make it somewhat difficult to navigate. There’s a bottom menu of tabs, for example, but the tabs that are available change based on what module you’re in.

While Moomoo is extremely versatile in terms of the features it offers, the platform isn’t as customizable as you might expect. There’s no way to change the layout of the software on mobile or desktop, and you cannot set defaults for things like technical charts. One plus is that, in addition to custom portfolios, you can create an unlimited number of watchlists.

Moomoo Watchlist

Compatible Brokers

While many apps and platforms are compatible with the popular ThinkOrSwim option through TD Ameritrade, Moomoo is only compatible for live trading with Futu Inc., which owns Moomoo. If you do sign up for a Futu Inc. account through Moomoo, you can get free Level 2 market data.

Moomoo Platform Differentiators

Moomoo is an extremely comprehensive stock research and analysis platform. The mobile-first approach of this platform sets it apart from traditional brokerage tools, while the features that Moomoo offers are much more flexible and powerful compared to apps like Robinhood or Webull.

The social network built into Moomoo is also a distinctive feature. While there are other social stock trading platforms, very few have such robust analysis tools available to traders.

What Type Of Trader Is Moomoo Best For?

Compared to competing apps like Robinhood and Webull, Moomoo isn’t as easy to use. The app simply has more features, and it takes time to figure out where to find them and how to use them.

That said, advanced traders will appreciate that Moomoo’s tools are very comprehensive. Having multiple watchlists, scanners, and mock portfolios all within the app makes it easier to find trading opportunities in real-time. The audio squawk in the news feed is also tailored for experienced traders who can act on breaking news.

The social network is the icing on the cake for this platform. The focus on discussion forums makes it very useful for gathering thoughts on specific market trends or even individual stocks. It’s also helpful to see the portfolios that other traders have created and how they’ve performed.

Overall, Moomoo is a good choice for more experienced traders and investors who want a single platform that combines in-depth research tools with a social network.


  • Completely free to use
  • Very comprehensive technical charts
  • News feed with audio squawk
  • Social network with public portfolios and discussions
  • Compatible with Futu Inc. for live trading


  • Mobile app isn’t that easy to navigate
  • Only connects to Futu Inc. accounts