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MarketBeat Daily Premium Review – An In-Depth Look

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MarketBeat Review

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MarketBeat Review

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MarketBeat is a stock news and resource site that has the trading world talking. With watchlist capabilities and portfolio performance tracking features, is MarketBeat all it says it is? Read our review to find out everything you should know about MarketBeat.

Introduction To MarketBeat Daily Premium

MarketBeat Daily Premium is an extension of the MarketBeat platform that focuses on giving traders the information they need to make informed decisions. The thrust of the Premium service is a twice-daily newsletter that curates stock news, analyst recommendations, and critical events about stocks in traders’ portfolios. In addition, Premium subscribers get access to the advanced portfolio management software at the heart of MarketBeat, which combines watchlist-like features with stock analysis, real time financial data, and news.

Overall, MarketBeat Daily Premium is a nice information curation service for day and short-term traders to quickly get objective market analysis. However, there are few features of the platform that cannot be had for free by traders willing to do more research on their own.

MarketBeat Pricing Options

MarketBeat Daily Premium costs $19.97 per month or $199 per year. There is no trial period, but there is a free version of MarketBeat Daily that enables you to try out many of the service’s features.

MarketBeat Features

My MarketBeat

My MarketBeat is the online portfolio and watchlist tool at the heart of MarketBeat’s platform. While free MarketBeat Daily subscribers have access to My MarketBeat, you are limited to only five stocks in a single portfolio. With MarketBeat Daily Premium, you are able to create an unlimited number of watchlists and add an unlimited number of stocks to each.

My MarketBeat works well as a portfolio performance tracker since it allows you to dig into what stocks in your portfolio are providing returns. You can quickly view your portfolio returns compared to several major indices as well as see your average portfolio P/E in comparison to the average portfolio P/E on MarketBeat.

While there’s only so much that a watchlist can do to differentiate itself from the competition, My MarketBeat is arguably one of the most useful watchlist tools available. The default view shows P/E ratio, real time analyst ratings, and consensus price targets for every stock in your watchlist. In addition, you can quickly view notifications for each stock that highlight news and upcoming events like earnings reports.

Additional tabs within My MarketBeat take the watchlist one step further. You can display a calendar of upcoming reporting events and stock splits, a list of all analyst upgrades and downgrades, a list of SEC filings, and a list of all reported insider buying and selling for all of the stocks in a given watchlist.

My MarketBeat Insider Trades

Altogether, this simple tabulation of information about a set of stocks that you’re watching makes gathering objective information quick and easy. However, it should be noted that there is nothing unique about the data included in My MarketBeat – none of the data is proprietary and all of it can be accessed for free by using a mix of other news and watchlist services.

Daily Newsletters

The watchlists that you create in My MarketBeat also feed into the twice-daily newsletters that you receive as a MarketBeat Daily Premium subscriber. For each stock in your watchlists, you can check whether you want headlines about that stock to be included in your daily newsletters. Each stock that is included in the newsletters comes with approximately 10 news headlines, which link to the original articles for more information.

MarketBeat Newsletter Stock News

Beyond that, the newsletters focus on top headlines that affect the stock market as a whole. The morning newsletter is sent at 9 am Eastern time each day and covers overnight global market news that is likely to affect US trading. The end of day newsletter is sent at 4 pm Eastern each day and discusses trends in the market that day, as well as lists any headline news that emerged during the day. The newsletters can be further customized by including analyst ratings, dividend announcements, and earnings announcements.

MarketBeat Newsletter Top Stories

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Overall, the newsletter offers a nice format, but there’s not much in the newsletter that you cannot get from a few quick Google searches. Unfortunately, the newsletter doesn’t provide access to MarketBeat’s in-depth stock research reports.


My MarketBeat can also be used to set up alerts about any stocks in your watch lists. Alerts can be email or text-based and can be set based on new headlines or on price changes.

These aren’t buy/sell alerts that you will find from stock recommendation services like Motley Fool. You set the alerts yourself, and they can be used to make sure you don’t miss out on important moves in the stocks you follow.

MarketBeat Alerts

Analyst Ratings

MarketBeat has a great tool for tracking analyst recommendations on stocks. The tool isn’t as comprehensive as TipRanks,  but it should be suitable for most individual investors. The simplicity could be viewed as a perk for traders who just want to get a glimpse of what’s going on in the analysts’ world.

The Analyst Ratings tool shows a list of analyst updates for the day. The list can be filtered by the type of analyst action (i.e. upgrade/downgrade), the stock market cap, the analyst rating, and the sector. Investors can look for the best stocks to invest in based on analyst ratings.

The chart is easy to read, making it a great summarization tool for traders interested in analyst ratings.

Marketbeat Analyst Ratings

Individual Stock Analysis

Last but not least, MarketBeat provides a clean, easy-to-use tool for getting information on individual stocks. You’ll find all of the basic information you expect, like pricing and fundamentals. There are advanced charts provided by TradingView (one of my favorite chart styles).

You will also get access to some analysis tools that are exclusive to MarketBeat. MarketBeat does a good job of providing visualizations of key data. For example, they provide charts for earnings history, dividends, analyst ratings, institutional ownership, and more. The individual stock analysis section is like Yahoo Finance on steroids.

Platform Differentiators

MarketBeat Daily Premium is a solid service, but it doesn’t do much that’s unique enough to get the trading world talking. The primary innovation is linking your portfolios and watchlists within My MarketBeat with your daily newsletters so that you get information specifically about the stocks you’re watching delivered to your inbox. That said, the watchlist format is one of the best available since it quickly puts analyst recommendations, price targets, insider trades, and fundamental information at your fingertips. However, there are many free watchlists that provide a similar level of information and you can certainly get all of the information available within MarketBeat Daily Premium for free if you are willing to visit multiple stock news and information sites.

Is Premium Worth It?

It’s worth noting that a free version of MarketBeat Daily is also available. The main limitation to the free service is that you can only add five stocks to a single portfolio, so you won’t get the same depth of stock-specific headlines in your daily newsletter or the same value out of My MarketBeat. But, MarketBeat Daily still allows you to get the twice-daily newsletters, which include the market-wide headlines that many traders will find most helpful for making trading decisions. The premium service is fairly priced for those who plan to take advantage of a lot of the features.

MarketBeat All-Access

In addition to MarketBeat Daily Premium, MarketBeat also has a premium service called MarketBeat All-Access. This is a more comprehensive stock market research service that includes economic reports, stock screeners, and lists of recommended stocks based on analyst consensus ratings. MarketBeat All-Access includes all of the features of MarketBeat Daily Premium and costs $39.97 per month or $399 per year.

What Type of Trader is MarketBeat Daily Premium Best For?

MarketBeat Daily Premium is best for day traders and short-term traders who trade based at least in part on stock and market news. The service is designed to help traders keep up with the sentiment around individual stocks and around financial markets as a whole, and to curate information so that it’s quick to find everything you need. Keep in mind that MarketBeat Daily Premium is not a stock recommendation platform, so you’ll need to already have watchlists of stocks based on technical or other factors in order to make the most of the platform. For help with generating stock ideas, check out MarketBeat All-Access, The Motley Fool, or Zacks Investment Research.

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  • Add unlimited stocks and watchlists to My MarketBeat
  • Excellent watchlist capabilities, including quick access to analyst recommendations, price targets, and insider trades
  • Strong portfolio performance tracking features
  • Twice-daily newsletters cover market-wide and stock-specific news
  • Easily set email and text alerts for stock news and price changes


  • Most information can be found for free from other sites
  • Free subscription offers many of the same benefits for a subset of five stocks
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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  1. I’ve been using Marketbeat for years. Here are my comments:
    1. It’s the most annoying platform of all. They keep interrupting your research with constant popouts. I’m already a subscriber but they keep selling to me.
    2. Their mobile app is terrible. You can’t read characters that are jumbled because of font size and style.
    I just stopped my subscription.


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