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Insider Alerts Review – Is This Service Right For You?

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Insider Alerts Review

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Insider Alerts Review

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Insider Alerts is a service designed to track insider and Congressional stock buying and selling activity. This service offers a variety of features including email alters for watchlists, notifications about unusual insider activity, and more. Learn everything you need to know about this service by reading our complete Insider Alerts review.


  • Access data about insider and Congressional trades for free
  • Visualize insider trading activity in the context of a stock price chart
  • Get email alerts about unusually large insider or Congressional trades
  • Very easy to use


  • Few filters to screen trade data
  • Premium plan limits you to monitoring 25 stocks

Insider Alerts is a helpful service that tracks insider and Congressional stock buying and selling activity. It offers email alerts for your watchlists and notifications about unusual insider activity so you never miss a potential trade.

Is Insider Alerts the best tool for monitoring insider trading activity. Keep reading our Insider Alerts review to find out.

Insider Alerts - Homepage

Insider Alerts Pricing Options

You can use Insider Alerts for free to view recent insider and Congressional trades. However, you’ll need a paid plan if you want to create a watchlist for email alerts or get access to the unusual trades digest.

Insider Alerts - Pricing

The Premium plan costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year and lets you add up to 25 stocks to your watchlist. The VIP Member plan costs $49.99 per month or $499.99 per year and lets you monitor up to 500 stocks.

Insider Alerts Features

Insider Trading Analysis

Insider Alerts monitors SEC filings for insider trades for more than 1,500 stocks. You can search any stock to view a full list of insider buying and selling activity for that stock over the past 60 days. You can also filter to only see buying and selling activity by a company’s CEO.

A nice thing about Insider Alerts is that it offers a chart showing insider buying and selling activity over time with the stock’s price overlaid. This makes it easy to see if insiders are selling because a stock is hitting a new all-time high or if they’re buying a dip.

Insider Alerts - Insider Trades

Congressional Trading Analysis

Insider Alerts also enables you to monitor purchases and sales of stocks by members of Congress. You can see trades broken down by party over periods ranging from 3 months to 3 years. You can also view a list of individual trades to see which Congress member bought or sold shares and the approximate size of the trade.

As for insider trades, Insider Alerts offers a visualization showing Congressional buys and sells overlaid with a stock’s price chart.

Insider Alerts - Congressional Trading

You can also click on any Congress member to see a full breakdown of their trading activity. Insider Alerts shows you their total number of trades and total dollar volume traded, but it doesn’t offer any information about how profitable Congress members are.

Email Alerts and Unusual Activity Digest

With a paid Insider Alerts subscription, you can build a watchlist and get an email alert every time there’s a new insider or Congressional trade around that stock. You can customize alerts so that you only receive notifications about insider trades above a certain size or about Congressional trades by specific politicians.

You also get access to a daily email digest of unusual insider and Congressional trading activity. This digest highlights all unusually large trades, including for stocks that aren’t on your watchlist.

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Service Differentiators

Insider Alerts is just one of several tools that you can use to track insider and Congressional trading activity. While Insider Alerts is easy to use, it doesn’t do all that much to stand out.

For example, FinViz offers a similar list of insider buys and sells for most US stocks for free. You can see which officers bought or sold shares, plus click on any insider to see their entire activity history. FinViz doesn’t visualize insider activity like Insider Alerts does,

Another alternative is Insider Screener, which does have buy/sell charts overlaid with stock prices similar to Insider Alerts. Insider Screener doesn’t offer data for free, but it offers nearly identical pricing to Insider Alerts’ Premium plan. Insider Screener offers email alerts and customizable screens based on insider trading activity, but it doesn’t include data about Congressional trading.

If you’re primarily interested in Congressional trading activity, it’s worth checking out Capitol Trades. This tool works similarly to Insider Alerts, but it lets you filter Congressional trading activity by political party, House and Senate committees, trade sizes, and more. Capitol Trades is completely free and while it doesn’t offer email alerts, it offers much more comprehensive data than Insider Alerts.

What Type of Trader is Insider Alerts Best For?

Insider Alerts is a nice free tool for any trader who wants to keep an eye on insider and Congressional trading activity. This data can be especially useful for active investors, who can monitor insider activity to intuit what a company’s C-suite or Congress thinks about a stock’s future.

Insider Alerts can be worth paying for if you want to receive email alerts about new insider trades, but you can get the same information for free just by checking the site. Insider trading activity usually comes in response to medium and long-term movements in a stock’s price, so there may not be a huge benefit to getting email alerts as opposed to checking Insider Alerts once a week.

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