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Strike.Market Review – Is This Research Platform Worth Using?

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Strike.Market Review

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Strike.Market is a stock research platform that concentrates on alternative market data, such as the volume of website traffic a business receives or the level of popularity of its mobile app. Strike.Market is free to use and gives investors a unique look at businesses that they wouldn’t generally see on a stock research site. Want to learn more about this platform? If so, read our in-depth Strike.Market review now.


  • Completely free to use with no sign-up required
  • Tracks web traffic, social followings, and app rankings
  • Stock screener combines fundamental and alternative filters
  • Interactive earnings calendar
  • View portfolios for major investment funds


  • Doesn’t provide industry-specific alternative data
  • Limited tools for fundamental analysis

About Strike.Market

Strike.Market is a stock research platform that focuses on alternative market data, such as how much web traffic a company is getting or how popular its mobile app is. It’s free to use and offers an interesting perspective on companies that investors wouldn’t typically get from a stock research platform.

In our Strike.Market review, we’ll take a closer look at all of the metrics and tools this platform offers and help you decide whether it’s worth including in your stock research workflow.

Strike Market - Homepage

Strike.Market Pricing Options

Strike.Market is completely free to use. You don’t even need to create an account. If you do sign up for an account, you can build a personalized watchlist and save custom stock screens.

Strike.Market Features

Stock Research

The main feature Strike.Market offers is in-depth stock research. However, it’s not your typical fundamental research platform. Strike.Market offers an overview of key valuation metrics like P/E ratio, revenue, and profit margin, but most of the research available focuses on non-traditional measurements of a company’s success.

For each company that Strike.Market analyzes, you’ll find a chart of web traffic over time. For multinational companies that have a presence in multiple countries, web traffic is broken down by country. You can also see what share of total search volume for a company is grabbing relative to its competitors and how downloads of the company’s mobile app have changed over time.

Strike Market - Website Traffic

Social media analysis shows how many followers a company has across each of its accounts on Facebook and Instagram. You can also view the number of job openings and employees a company has over time.

Strike Market - Social Followers

Strike.Market also tracks insider trading activity and the percentage of a company’s shares that are held by hedge funds. You can read earnings call transcripts and review recently filed patents. Finally, a news feed highlights headlines about the company from Seeking Alpha.

Stock Screener

Strike.Market offers a simple stock screener that lets you quickly filter stocks based on combinations of fundamental and alternative data. The selection of parameters isn’t huge, but it’s enough to find companies that are potentially undervalued relative to their digital growth.

Strike Market - Stock Screener

Available fundamental filters include P/E ratio, revenue growth, profit margin, and dividend yield. Alternative data filters include job opening changes, website traffic growth, social followers growth, and mobile app ranking changes.

The results provide a nice overview of Strike.Market’s alternative data for each company that passes your screen. You can quickly pull up line charts showing changes in website traffic, app ranking, and social followers over time. You can also sort the results according to fundamental metrics like P/E ratio.

Earnings Calendar

Strike.Market offers an interactive earnings calendar that’s one of the more informative tools for finding out which stocks have upcoming earnings. You can filter by index or view only upcoming earnings for the banking or tech sectors. Strike.Market clearly displays whether earnings will be released before market open or after market close and lists consensus EPS and revenue estimates.

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Strike Market - Earnings Calendar

Stock Recommendations

Strike.Market leverages its data to create a list of stocks with high potential upside. The recommendations take into account revenue and profit growth estimates from Wall Street analysts, website traffic growth, and mobile app ranking. 

Strike Market - Stock Recommendations

However, the order of Strike.Market’s recommendations isn’t determined by any one of these factors alone, and the platform doesn’t explain how it weights different factors. There is also limited fundamental or technical analysis involved. So, investors may want to take these recommendations with a grain of salt and use them primarily to generate ideas.

Fund Analysis

Strike.Market tracks the portfolios of major investment funds and famous investors based on 13F filings with the SEC (similar to platforms like GuruFocus). You can sort funds by assets under management or performance. Clicking on any fund displays a list of all of its holdings along with the profit/loss on each position and the last change the fund made to the position.

Strike Market - Fund Analysis

Strike.Market Platform Differentiators

Strike.Market is an excellent supplement to traditional stock research platforms for investors who want to take a more holistic view of how a company is performing. Strike.Market’s alternative data goes beyond financials to paint a picture of whether a company is gaining or losing users across the most popular digital platforms.

Strike.Market isn’t the only service to offer alternative data, but it’s one of the only platforms to do so at no cost. It’s easy to use and you can fairly quickly ground-truth an opinion about a company based on more traditional fundamental analysis.

What Type of Trader is Strike.Market Best For?

Strike.Market is best for long-term investors who want to integrate alternative data into fundamental investing strategies. The platform’s data about website traffic, social followers, and mobile app rankings can serve as leading indicators for a company’s performance before its next earnings report.

Importantly, Strike.Market offers the same basic alternative metrics for all the companies it tracks. So, it won’t help you fully understand the metrics that are really important for certain types of industries, like the number of planes delivered for airline manufacturers or payment volume for payment processors. However, Strike.Market is free and easy to use, so there’s little downside to integrating it into your analysis workflow. 

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