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FreeStockCharts.com Review – Is There a Cost to Free Charting?

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FreeStockCharts Review

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FreeStockCharts.com Review

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FreeStockCharts.com is a charting platform that has a variety of tools and chart services. With 31 million streaming charts, could FreeStockCharts.com be the service for you? Read here to find out everything this service can do.

About FreeStockCharts.com

FreeStockCharts.com is a streaming charting platform that provides both free and premium chart services. The service delivers 31 million streaming charts to over 300,000 traders monthly. While the charting may be free, it’s not real-time unless you sign up for the premium version.

As one of the oldest free streaming chart services, the tools, and charting run seamlessly, even on a browser. Launched in 2009, FreeStockCharts.com (FSC) is owned by Worden Brothers, Inc, which owns the popular TC2000 charting and research platform. Users of TC2000 will be right at home on the simplified version on FreeStockCharts.com. It seems FSC was designed as a gateway product to the more expansive TC2000 charting platform. Nonetheless, the charts are very intuitive and fit like a glove for anyone serious about technical analysis.

Note: As of 2021, it looks like Worden Brothers has ended support for FreeStockCharts.com and is now redirecting users to TC2000. Therefore, this review is no longer necessary. We recommend reading our TC2000 review instead.

FSC only operates on two types of (antiquated) browsers, unless you install the TC2000 onto your device. For Windows users, Microsoft Internet Explorer (and Silverlight plug-in) must be used unless you download TC2000 for Windows. This is a pain for Windows 10 users with new P.C.s that come bundled with the Microsoft Edge browser. For Mac users, only the Safari browser can be used.

This is a severe hurdle for most users considering Internet Explorer only accounts for ~3% of the browser market. We’d expect a technology company to create a tool that was functional on the most popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. That said, this review will focus on the features for users who can access the website. If you cannot use these free charts, you may consider TradingView’s online charting.

FreeStockCharts Browser

FreeStockCharts.com Pricing Options

FreeStockCharts.com has a free membership upon registration, giving you access to the basic tools and charts.

The Premium version is $19.99-per month and provides additional tools, including custom layouts, multi-monitor support, chart-indicator based alerts, real-time streaming scans, and sector-industry analysis tools. Perhaps most importantly, the premium version gets rid of those annoying banner ads that continuously rotate throughout the day.

It also enables you to subscribe to real-time U.S. market data feeds, scans, alerts, streaming scans, and real-time news feeds at a-la-carte pricing from $3.99 to $50.00-per month.

Features Breakdown for FreeStockCharts.com

These are notable features that make this platform a favorite among seasoned chartists and traders.

FreeStockCharts Dashboard


The charting is seamless and intuitive, even on the browser versions. To get the most out of them, it’s best to install the standalone product, which is basically TC2000. You will also need the premium subscription to get real-time quotes and full access to the indicators and drawing tools. Even the free version has a ton of tools available. Charts can be set from 1-minute up to yearly with various increments in between. Premium version has different types like Ichimoku cloud charts. Flipping through different charts is instant, with no delays. There is an add-on Fundamental Charts subscription for $9.99-per month that lets you plot fundamental events right on the chart.

FreeStockCharts Indicators

Technical Indicators

Along with the basic indicators like moving averages to MACD and Bollinger Bands, FSC also contains many unique and proprietary indicators also found on the TC2000 platform like Kaufman Efficiency Ratio, Prize Zone Oscillators, Volume Zone, Derivative Oscillators, Elder Indicators and Elliott Wave Oscillators. Indicators can be overlaid on top of each other, and the charts can be conveniently linked to watch lists, stocks, or portfolios. Β 

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FreeStockCharts Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools

Technicians will love the ease of drawing trend lines and channels as well as very Fib, Gann and Elliott Wave lines complete with notes right on the charts. I love how it saves all the information on the chart, so you don’t lose your drawings. I keep notes on literally every chart, especially when I have multiple indicators and trend lines, so it’s easy to keep track. FSC makes writing notes on-the-fly seamless.


The free FSC version comes with streaming tickers and news headlines gathered from various free sources. Premium subscribers can add Live Briefs by M.T. Newswires for $8.00 or $50-per month for non-professionals and professionals, respectively.

FreeStockCharts EasyScan


Users can configure with the built-in scanner and refresh when they need scans or subscribe to EasyScan for $14.99-month for unlimited intra-day real-time scanning of any watch lists. The EasyScan has some time-tested scans that regularly find me opportunities throughout the day. Some of my favorite EasyScans are Bounce after Pullback, Gap Up with Momentum, Poppers, and Super Active Today. I configure the settings for minimal volume, exchanges, and price ranges and let it run throughout the day to feed me ideas.

These scanners are not as complex as Trade Ideas or EquityFeed, but they’re impressive for the price.

Watch Lists

There are pre-set watch lists like sectors and industries already included with the platform. You can also create your own watch lists as well. Since screen real estate is valuable, it pays to run the premium subscription to enable floating windows and multiple monitors.


You can set price or indicator-based trigger alerts directly on the charts or a watch list.

Customization and Saved Layouts

Premium subscribers can save multiple layouts and take full advantage of customization features. Chart layouts can be shared via e-mail with friends.

Compatible Brokers

FSC can be connected to a T.D. Ameritrade account,

Platform Differentiators

There is a button to conveniently take a snapshot of a chart that can be saved or shared. FreeStockCharts makes it easy to share your charts on social media with buttons posting to Twitter or Facebook.

What Type of Trader FreeStockCharts.com is Best For

FreeStockCharts is well-suited for intra-day and swing traders that rely heavily on technical analysis. Intra-day traders will need to subscribe to the premium service and real-time data feeds. Swing traders and investors that don’t mind delayed-quotes and limited charting options can use the free version. As for experience level, this platform is good for all skill levels from beginner to experienced traders.


  • Easy navigation and intuitive tools layout
  • Flexible charts with unique indicator library
  • EasyScan is a powerful source of trade candidates
  • Sharing charts and layouts is simple
  • Lots of tutorials and videos
  • Stable and expandable platform
  • Good starting platform to upgrade to TC2000


  • Windows 10 users will have to install TC2000 unless using the discontinued M.S. Explorer browser
  • Banners ads on the free version take up chart space and are annoying
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

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  1. I already have TC2000/v7 which I pay for. How do I get from there to freestockcharts.com, which I have been using for years as well? It seems pointless to download TC2000 again (it’s running already on my machine) when how to bring up freestockcharts.com/platform/v1 is not clear. This computer does not like Internet Explorer, so that is not a satisfactory path any more, even with Silverlight installed.


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