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Market Traders Institute Review – Forex Education and Software

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Market Traders Institute Review

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Market Traders Institute Review

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Have you heard of the trader educating, training, and trading platform Market Traders Institute? Market Traders Institute combines a variety of features with sophisticated trade management tools. Read our review of Market Traders Institute to find out if it fits your needs.

Market Traders Institute

MarketTraders.com is the Market Traders Institute (MTI), a trader education, training and trading platform catering to traders of all levels of experience. They provide a comprehensive program that provides front-to-end education and training with sophisticated customized trade management, charting tools and scanning software to can enhance analysis and performance.

MTI was launched in 2010 to meet the needs of traders seeking to enter the currencies trading markets. Started by traders for traders. MTI University was formed to provide the training and education. Mentorships were added to shorten the learning curve and accelerate trading success. To further enhance the application of skill sets, MTI branched into trading platform and software development. Online course span various global markets from Forex, stock, options to cryptocurrencies.

Market Traders Institute Pricing Options

MTI offers two types of paid products and services: education and software.

Market Traders Institute Courses

Education Pricing

Education consists primarily of online courses. They are self-paced and interactive videos with quizzes and accessible with an internet connection. Course topics cover Forex, stocks and options and cryptocurrencies. Prices range from $99 for Six Figure Sessions to $495 for the Einstein Trading Program to upwards of $7,995 for The Ultimate Traders Package Course.

Software Pricing

MTI offers various software tools and subscriptions:

Market Traders Institute Smart Trader Plans

The Smart Trader is the trading platform that can be plugged into an online brokerage account. There is a basic free version, which doesn’t connect to live trading. Premium paid versions start at $24.95 and Elite version at $59.95-per month. Paid versions have live trading connections enabled and have annual plans available.

The Ultimate Charting Software subscription has over 200 pre-loaded indicators along with auto fibs, patterns tool and the AXABCD Tool for tracking harmonic patterns. They offer a 7-day free trial for $1 which converts to monthly recurring billing at $59 for the basic Ultimate Charting.

The UTP Ultimate Charting Software subscription includes multiple trading system strategies like Pip Finder, Pin Pointer, Turbo Trader Trading System and dedicated one-on-one phone support and account representative for $249-per month.

The Ultimate Market Scanner comes with a 7-day free trial and then reverts to $199-per month.

Market Traders Institute (MTI) University:

The education division of MTI is the online university, which provides self-paced in-depth online trading courses by market and experience level. The courses provide a complete support system with the option to attend a live seminar, trial periods to software products and mentorship options.

The Target Trading 2.0 course is a great example of this. Authored by Gary Fichardt, MTI’s Director of Trading, pours his over two decades of trading experience into 23.5 hours of content for novice through intermediate FX traders. Composed of 11-lessons that teach students how to identify and trade pivot points while managing risk and targets. The course includes four one-hour live classes with expert analysts as well as weekly live question and answering sessions. Users get two-months of Ultimate Charting Software included with the course. After completing the course, students can consider on-going mentoring with a success coach. MTI supports the student journey thoroughly and comprehensively through the whole training-to-trading learning cycle.

Market Traders Institute Platform Features

The MTI platform features refer to the Smart Trader and the add-on charting software and market scanner. These functions are available with the respective subscription plans.

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The charting functionality depends on the type of subscriptions you have. The basic charts have candlestick, line and bar. They feel very smooth and flexible making navigation very easy. Make sure to keep the Magnet tab on when trying to plot trend lines as it will automatically connect the cursor to individual candle highs and lows just by hovering over them, rather than trying to manually plot the exact prices by hand. All charts have basic indicators including moving averages, stochastics and Bollinger Bands. More exotic indicators include Elder Thermometer, Flipit, Fractals Oscillator, Encapsulation and Gopalakrishnan Range Index. The Basic has limits three-indicators per-chart. Premium enables five  and Elite enables 10-indicators per-chart.

Market Traders Institute Chart Candle Tool

The Ultimate Charting Software

Subscribing to the Ultimate Charting Software opens up a world of indicators and sophisticated tools including Auto-Fibs (which automatically plots Fibonacci retracement lines), Candle Tools (which identifies specific candlestick patterns and formations) and the XABCD Tools (which identifies and detects harmonic patterns like Gartleys, bats and Butterflies).

Market Traders Institute Ultimate Market Scanner


Forex markets have the most liquidity but the smallest number of tradeable instruments. This makes scanning for patterns preferable. The candle tool also enables scanning abilities. The Ultimate Scanner is very informative and enables back-testing and many performance metrics. It also enables cross-market scanning including Forex, Stocks and ETFs, Futures. While, it may appear complex at first, there are many pre-built scans to cut your teeth on. The  free training videos area a good starting point as well as the Ultimate Market Scanner course.


Traders can set Alerts directly on the charts, watch lists and/or in the scanner. The key is configuring them, so you aren’t getting alerts all day non-stop. This tends to be an issue with newbies wanting to jump headfirst into the game. The purpose of alerts is to let the CPU do the legwork of filtering down to the best candidates and set-ups. You will have to select and determine if a trade is viable from there. Alerts are only available with Premium and Elite subscriptions.

Market Traders Institute Watchlists

Watch Lists and Saved Layouts

These are easily and conveniently created on the Smart Trader platform. However, it’s important to note that only three workspaces are available for Basic, while Premier gets five and Elite has unlimited workspaces.

Compatible Brokers

Smart Trader and the software tools are compatible with Forex.com, FXCM, Avatrade, JFD Brokers, DriveWeath, CityIndex, CFH Clearing and many more. It’s best to check with your broker to confirm compatibility.

Platform Differentiators for Market Traders Institute

MTI is a fully integrated training system that teaches how to trade and provides the comprehensive tool to improve performance. Ongoing mentorships as well as a chatroom is available. Users can also share their charts and data on social media, which is becoming a common trend.

What Type of Trader Market Traders Institute Is Best For

MTI caters to traders of all styles and experience levels. The tools are priced modestly, and experienced traders may opt just for subscriptions to those. Newbies and beginner traders will likely consider the educational training courses, which can be expensive. It’s important to plan out the budget to take on the training.


  • High quality in-depth courses through MTI University
  • The Ultimate Market Scanner has rare harmonic and pattern scanners
  • Lots of free materials and live/archived webinars
  • Intuitively designed software tools and platforms to improve efficiency
  • Back-testing and data analytics capabilities
  • Diversified training course markets and topics


  • Too many products and add-ons can be confusing and expensive
  • Third-party course developers can be inconsistent at times
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Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

9 thoughts on “Market Traders Institute Review – Forex Education and Software”

  1. Yes, a very long review. But a person should think long and hard about getting involved with MTI. Once this Company realizes they have milked you for all the easy money they can extract from you, they disappear. Leaving you high and dry.

    Re: Complaint of Market Traders Institute

    This complaint is about Market Traders Institute (a.k.a. MTI) of Orlando, Florida. MTI sells trading education, trading software, and systems for largely for new traders. Over the last six years, MTI has sold me a list of software and training that ranges from super over-priced/ over-hyped/ undelivering/ with potential to be something great in the future….; to absolute garbage. The charting software Ultimate Charting Software (UCS) that I have lifetime subscription for, that has been grandfathered into a web based SmartTrader platform. The UCS cannot be used long enough to analyze even one currency pair without it crashing and needing restarting many times a day.

    The newer SmartTrader platform that nearly all the Company’s Expert Advisers (a.k.a. EAs) (on SmartTrader platform called SmartScripts) are connected to is no better. Even when run within MTI-recommended high-end ten core Contabo VPS (Virtual Private Server), it is unworkable. The browser/ server/ other limitations do not permit even one SmartScript to be run in full. Let alone it be a platform portal for all trading as it is designed and marketed for.

    None of the SmartScripts/ EAs can be kept running for any amount of time. One of them, the American Breakout Strategy, which I have manually traded, done the automated SmartScript, and done extensive back testing for is engineered backwards. Results have been sent to MTI Staff including MTI Coaches and product developer Ted Devan. No response from any of them.

    Most disturbingly, besides the super-high costs and non-working product, is the deaf ear, inaction, questionable intent and bad faith of the MTI Company. When a person spends $7,495 for their introductory program and lifetime use of their platform, they are committing financially as well as emotionally for a long-term Client-Company relationship. Likewise when MTI Students spend the “introductory price” of $1K-$3K for each of their systems products to be used with their platforms, MTI Students again expect them to work. And deliver every bit as well as they are billed to work and priced at. Most sold with claims of being able to make like 1,500 or more pips a month. Thus billed to pay for themselves in short order. Under a month with a sizeable account. Instead MTI products have erased 100,000s of pips from my accounts.

    Even if not quite as great as advertised, if it took a couple months to be seeing very positive returns, it would not be such an issue. There are many variables outside the MTI Company control that influence client success. While there have been minor improvements to the platforms, these issues have been on-going for years. The platforms are still not capable of using for live trading or using MTI EAs and SmartScripts on them. And while MTI will not/ cannot fix their platforms, nor will they address these fatal issues that Clients continue to address to them, like clockwork every month or so MTI releases another EA/ SmartScript system for a few thousand dollars. Systems that are worthless when the already-released systems still do not work.

    For comparison, there are thousands of similar products on the market most ranging from free to a few hundred dollars each. Making MTI products some of the most expensive and hyped on the market. MTI products come with short-term money-back warranties that are meritless as the platforms they are to be used with have not worked properly for years.

    I am very adept with computer technology, downloads, setups, basic coding, et al. My home computer is Windows 10 Pro, 32G SSD RAM, two separate 2T backup hard drives (higher-end than 99%+ of personal computers in the market). I am using a higher-end VPS than probably 95%+ of MTI Clientele. Which raises the question – who if anyone do MTI products work for? Besides working to line the pockets of MTI Management?

    The supposed ” MTI Expert Traders and Staff” headed by MTI Founder Mr. Jared Martinez (known in the trading world as FxChief) and largely his family, who if they are all they are marketed as are undoubtedly trading six to nine-figure accounts where everything is just a tax write-off whether or not it works or is of any use. While it appears MTI Expert Traders appear very competent and do clear presentations, they trade larger time frames (swing trading) for the most part. Beyond being able to see what traders who have large accounts of their own, and their own money, their strategy is of little use for newer traders who must seek proprietary funding. Meaning that trades must be closed at end of week. Making working systems that can be automated that much more important. It appears from what he has said, that Mr. Jared Martinez alone is likely making over $1 Million most weeks just trading. And MTI is likely bringing in notably more most weeks selling their expensive non-working systems.

    Most people today are not in such a position for six-to-nine figure income and tax write-offs. On the contrary, people (self-included) are very much stretching (often going deep into debt) to obtain these products and expect them to work. Nor are most able to wait years for working product. Nor when investing this kind of money be in a position to just walk-away. People often come into this business after having being put through very hard times (job loss, divorce, major life changes, et al). No different, I am lucky to make $1K-2K/ year. I do not get unemployment, welfare, PUA, stimulus check (even as an American), etc. Which makes MTI’s behavior that much more troubling. If MTI Company heads are trading much of the money that people send them for these products, they could be doubling the money every year or so without much trouble just trading it.

    MTI Chat support is friendly with generous hours. But can only fix what is fixable and what MTI Management permits. Which is extremely limited at best. When dealing with MTI Education Coaches (that each MTI Student are assigned to), MTI IT, and MTI Management about the fatal issues of Company products and their need to either offer assistance to fix the issue or offer refund, they disappear. MTI Staff are really good as sweet talking and playing peoples’ emotions, but on delivering working systems – they are gone. The harder MTI Staff is pushed to deliver solutions, answers, resolutions, the more evasive they become.

    MTI also does a lot of sanitation of its online presence. Deleting negative reviews, and blocking MTI Students from their online support pages who post objective on-going issues rather than glowing reviews. Glassdoor.com reviews of those who have worked within the Company mirrors the response I have had with numerous other traders I have personally met who have dealt with MTI. MTI appear pathological sales people, and little else.

    The many traders I have personally met who instantly recognize the Market Traders Institute/ MTI name all have the same reaction. This instant look on their faces is one that they are about to vomit. With comments of, “Oh no, you didn’t get yourself messed-up with them, did you?” or “Ugh! Don’t just walk away – RUN….!!!” or “They’re predatory salespeople and little more.”

    In Summer 2020 I had to come to terms with the fact that I had spent the last few years doing little more than endless reinstalling, trouble-shooting, and trying to get MTI systems to work. Going deep into debt doing it. In July 2020, I sent Mr. Jared Martinez – MTI CEO a Registered Post WITHOUT PREJUDICE letter addressing all the issues that had been addressed to him and others via email (attached). This went unanswered. Since, after requesting a different MTI Coach, I have been bounced around between a few other MTI Coaches and Admins trying to get some headway on my ongoing issues. Again with no avail. Here now approaching Spring 2021 nothing has changed, no response or answers from MTI.

    I have acted in the highest level of good faith, I have offered repeated product improvement feedback, and have given the MTI organization more than ample time to deliver or offer some sort of resolution or way forward. I have been exceedingly patient and tolerant (probably way too much so). As much as I work to be a facilitator and give a Party every chance to come to the table, the MTI organization has turned-down those opportunities. Whether it just being a tax write-off for them, not caring, or for any other reason, I cannot be held hostage by MTI anymore. At this point I believe I am in the right to ask for refunds, cost of interest, and a token towards my time. This is not even taking into account years of lost earning potential. I am also asking to have my full access to the MTI Official SmartTrader Facebook and other MTI Facebook pages restored.

    It was my hope I would not have to write this review. Forget making pips, the rate MTI Management is going, they may soon may find themselves in prison making license plates and pennies. I have heard MTI CEO and Founder Jared Martinez state many times that he wonders why some traders find success rather readily, and others do not. Should he actually read his emails, his letter mail, or the online reviews of his MTI Company, he should wonder no more….

    Do yourself a favor and AVOID MTI!

  2. I agree with all of the critical comments posted. While I have learned a lot about technically understanding the markets, really dedicated myself to learning and paying extra for trading room attendance, reviewed the material over-and-over, I have never been able to make money or even come close to recovering the educational costs. There truly is no meaningful support. My educational advisor is useless. He essentially just keeps telling me to hang in there and get kicked in the teeth. All he cares about is selling me the “Next” great software robot. No promise that I would be successful if I just kept at it has ever come close to being true. I am truly disillusioned with MTI.

  3. wow, thanks for this feedback from the class before me. I was ready to sign up. This actually looked like fun and validated how all those other online deals dont even make my eyes light. I must say I am genuinley disappointed. Im actually waiting for a call back to get started.


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