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Jason Bond Review – Is This Swing Trading Service Worth the Money?

By Dave

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Jason Bond Picks Review

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Jason Bond Picks Review

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Jason Bond Picks is a stock trading alerts service with packages ranging from $399 to $9,999. The service caters to a few different styles of traders by providing swing trade alerts and intraday momentum alerts in the chat room. Read the full review for further details.

About Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks is a subscription-based trade alert service that also markets training programs. There are a variety of different services offered.

The chatroom offers 10-20 intra-day trade alerts with a daily profit goal of $500 and up to ten weekly swing trade ideas with an annual profit target of $100,000.

The long-term trading newsletter offers a weekly combination of up to two swing trades and up to three long-term trades delivered via e-mail and text messenger.

The Millionaire Roadmap service combines all the services in an annual package in addition to special access to the VIP chatroom, special direct access to Jason Bond’s live brokerage platforms, mentorship/training webinars and access to TopStockPicks ETF services suited for the “serious traders”. This package costs a whopping $9,999 annually.

jason bond picks site

Jason Bond Reviews

The site is filled with positive video and written testimonials, endorsements, and success stories almost to a point of overload. It’s very hard not to be convinced of the validity of this service after listening to a few of them. The site even features celebrity endorsements from Jose Conseco and former UFC champion Frank Mir. The $15,000 to $2 million video testimonial right on the homepage offers pretty compelling evidence that the service may help you make money trading stocks.

I was also impressed to find that the reviews of the service on Trustpilot were also very positive (with over 88% of the 724 reviews rating the service as “Excellent”).

That said, I know stock picking services are often scams that seem too good to be true, so I had my “guards up” when trying this trading program. The company offers no trial period or refunds and subscriptions are set to auto-bill unless canceled.

While all of the reviews on the website were overwhelmingly positive, I wanted to do my own Jason Bond review to see if the service live up to the hype.

Jason Bond and Raging Bull

Jason Bond Picks is operated under the Raging Bull umbrella of brands. Raging Bull is a marketing powerhouse in the world of online trading education and stock picks. The company, co-founded by Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop, features multiple trainers for a variety of different trading styles. Jason Bond heads the swing trading division while Jeff Bishop runs the options trading division.

While Raging Bull is now primarily focused on trading education and stock alerts, the company used to own a lot of penny stock promotion newsletters. Some traders will be familiar with Beacon Equity, an infamous penny stock promoter. While this wing of the company is no longer active, investors should still be aware of the company’s roots.

All of Raging Bull’s services receive mixed reviews. It’s clear that Raging Bull’s success is founded on the company’s impressive ability to market at a massive scale. That said, good marketing and quality services are not mutually exclusive, so let’s take a closer look at Jason Bond’s service as we continue our review.

What is Jason Bond’s Trading Strategy?

Jason Bond’s stock trading strategy is built around swing trading lower-priced stocks. Swing trading is the process of buying and selling stocks over a period ranging from a few days to a few weeks. This is a great alternative to day trading for traders who can’t sit and watch the markets all day.

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Furthermore, Bond’s swing trading service does a lot of the work for you. Bond researches stocks and releases a few recommendations every week. The research is usually rooted in technical analysis, meaning Bond looks for great chart setups (such as breakouts).

While a lot of the work is done for you, you should still do your own due diligence before entering any trade. Make sure you have a game plan instead of blindly following the alerts.

Jason Bond Chat Room

Jason Bond Picks Chat Room

The chat room used to be a large part of the service, but it seems the company has started to make a move in a different direction. During our initial 2017 Jason Bond Picks review, we noted that the service had a few prominent traders in the chat room. Jason Bond was active, as was Luke Murray, who was primarily focused on intraday scalps. Accordingly, the chat room covered a broad range of trading styles ranging from short-term scalping to longer-term swing trades.

Since the time of our initial review, Luke Murray left to start his own service and a couple of the other active moderators are no longer present.

The chat room still covers a range of styles, however, I would argue this service is more focused on trading education and alerts now (which we’ll get to soon).

There are multiple chat rooms and Jason tends to hang out more in the Millionaire Roadmap program chat room.

The chatroom regularly has over 500 attendees throughout the day. Most of them never say a word. There are a lot of newbies asking a ton of questions along with the typical “cheerleaders” that cheer on their positions. The massive number of members in the room chasing the alerts has a self-fulfilling prophecy of moving the stocks in the intended directions. This is more true for intraday trades, however it’s important to keep in mind before entering a position. The followup and sustained movement is the really important factor. I have been able to make money but I have also been burned on stocks that collapsed as soon as a trade exit was announced.

Overall, the chatroom has a lot of golden nuggets for traders who are prudent, disciplined and can react on their own. The site likes to spotlight the big winners and testimonials from members who made big scores on the picks.

Now, let’s look at the training and education.

Jason Bond Training and Education

Basic membership provides access to a ton of educational trading videos and webinars on the site. Additional courses can be purchased individually or in bundles. The Millionaire Roadmap program gives access to all courses, videos, and live webinars.

The educational resources explain Jason Bond’s trading methodology. Jason offers a handful of video lessons as well as mini-courses focused on topics like “The Basics of Swing Trading” and “Penny Stocks 101.” These educational resources are all included with a Jason Bond Picks annual subscription.

The quality of the education ranges by video. A lot of the video lessons provide great lessons in technical analysis and trading strategy. Some of the mini-courses are a bit watered down and seem as if they are designed specifically for beginners.

Overall, these videos add a lot of value to the service. If you’re focused on making money in the stock market, you need to educate yourself. We’d all love to simply copy someone else’s trade alerts, but trading is not a “copy and paste” skill. If you really want to make money, take the time to learn about trading methodology and strategy. Bond’s training videos serve as a good starting point.

Jason Bond Picks Video Lessons

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of a lot of the lessons offered to members. Many educators will oversimplify the trading process to appeal to a broader range of customers. While Jason Bond’s marketing certainly takes that approach, the content actually delivers. There are a lot of great technical analysis lessons and basic stock market tutorials.

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Jason Bond Stock Picks

The stock picks are now considered to be one of the key offerings. Jason Bond claims to offer well-researched stock picks that he sends to subscribers every week. Subscribers can follow these stock picks in a few ways.

  1. Daily Watch Lists – Jason sends out a daily watch list of his favorite stocks every day.
  2. Email Alerts – Jason Bond sends email alerts whenever he enters a new trade.
  3. SMS Alerts – SMS Alerts are sent alongside email updates. These text message alerts are sent for both buy and sell orders.

Like most traders, Jason Bond has both winning and losing trades. That said, the steep price of the service may make it difficult for traders to recoup the subscription costs from the stock picks. Whereas companies like Motley Fool charge $99/year for stock alerts, Jason Bond charges $1,497/year. This means traders need to make at least $1,497 in additional returns in order to recoup the cost of the subscription. For a trader with a $10,000 account, this represents an additional 15% in returns. For investors with under $5,000, it becomes even more difficult to cover the costs of the service.

While it’s certainly possible to achieve the returns necessary to cover the cost of the service, it’s no easy feat. Prospective customers should keep this in mind before purchasing a subscription. You should also consider your own personal financial situation. If you have a large portfolio, it will be much easier to recoup the subscription costs.

What Type of Trader is Jason Bond’s Service Best For?

Over the years, Jason Bond Picks has shifted focus from active day trading to swing trading. While the service was always rooted in swing trading methodologies, it used to provide more resources for active day traders. Now, the service is primarily focused on education and stock alerts.

With this in mind, Jason Bond Picks is best for new traders who will get value from the education and the stock alerts. If you are looking for watch lists, trade alerts, and basic trading education, this service is for you.

Is the Service a Good Value?

Jason Bond Picks is available for $1,497 a year. This subscription fee will renew yearly if it is not canceled. You can usually find discounts on this subscription and we’ve seen the price drop to $799/year during certain promotions.

The millionaire roadmap program costs $9,999 and offers access to more of the resources provided by Raging Bull. This is a lot of money to spend on a trading service and we recommend you start with the basic program.

If you are new to trading and have limited capital, you can start with a quarterly sub. If you are making money from the trade alerts, you can renew or extend your subscription.

At $297/quarter, the service costs less than $100/month. This is a pretty solid value, especially when compared to other trading services.

How Does Jason Bond Picks Compare to Other Services from Raging Bull?

When we did our initial Jason Bond Picks review in 2017, Bond only offered a single service. Now, he offers a handful of services under the Raging Bull brand. Some of these services include Weekly Windfalls, Millionaire Roadmap, The Boardroom, and more.

So, which one is best?

Maybe I’m a sucker for the classics, but I believe stock market services do best with their core offerings. Many educators will realize the potential of the investment education space and try to expand their offerings to reach more clients. From my experience, the first product is always the best. For example, Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor is still the company’s top program and Tim Sykes’ monthly subscription is still his best offering.

Personally, I believe that Jason Bond Picks is the best service offered. You get access to educational materials, a daily watch list, support, and trade alerts – what else do you need?


  • Tons of trade ideas throughout the day
  • Effective day trading stock scanner stream in chatroom
  • Large video library of trading lessons
  • Stable chatroom software connection
  • Large chatroom is well organized with strict moderation
  • The winning alerts can generate large percentage gains quickly
  • Lots of ideas throughout the day in the chatroom and newsletter


  • Pricing for all-inclusive Millionaire Roadmap program too expensive
  • Constantly up-selling of MR program
  • Risky penny stocks can leave you holding the bag when momentum vanishes
  • Lack of itemized daily trades showing both winners and losers
  • No trial period to test out the service
  • Lots of noise in the chatroom at times
Day Trade Review


Dave has been a part-time day trader and swing trader since 2011 when he first became obsessed with the markets. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Over his trading career, Dave has tried numerous day trading products, brokers, services, and courses. He continues to test and review new day trading services to this day.

13 thoughts on “Jason Bond Review – Is This Swing Trading Service Worth the Money?”

  1. I posted around the same time you did Stephen but it does not appear.
    I was saying it’s all your own faults for falling for services like these.
    I did read their initial presentation and the trade performances were over stated to be sure.
    When I confronted them by email proposing they go public with me so I could point out their mistakes.
    They responded having received my proposal but never followed up with me.

    these people give trading a bad name. I’d participate any way I could to expose them and their ways.

  2. BEWARE people – I’m seeing a very clear SELL signal for Jason Bond services and do not plan to renew! I signed up for Jason Bond Picks swing trading service end of Oct 2019 and then (after a huge amount of sales pressure with Daymond John special offer price expiring today etc etc) the Weekly Windfalls options trading service in early Nov 2019. To the tune of $1800 paid out in the last month.

    I was initially impressed with the volume of overview and training materials on the JB website, as well as the fact that Jason seemed to be relatively open with communicating his watchlists and plans via email and text, and showing his much-vaunted intra-day portfolio/open positions (although I figured out pretty quickly he was manipulating things with a skewed and limited view of his overall P&L).

    What I have seen over the last month of my subscription to both services is that:
    1) Wins vs losses – so far Jason seems to lose a lot more than he wins – I estimate he lost about $150,000 in Nov. in Weekly Windfalls alone, particularly toward the end of the month. As I became more suspicious of his claims of profits, I started taking screen shots of his intra-day portfolio so I could actually have a record of his P&L to compare against what he admits to.
    2) Communications – When Jason is doing well, he sends out a bunch of emails trumpeting how well he is doing and how easy it is. When he is losing, you hear almost nothing about the truth of his losses and instead, the volume of marketing email goes up enormously.It has been so obvious over the last 2 weeks of November as JB was losing money, there were fewer and fewer real trading communications and an ever-increasing amount of pushy upsell and cross-sell emails.
    3) Sales & Marketing – this is what has sealed it for me in terms of negative perception, and why I will not renew any of my services. The volume of high pressure sales & marketing email keeps going up as actual trade-related comms go down – they seem to be inversely related! The obvious conclusion is that if this guy’s strategies are so great (or even moderately good), why does he spend so much time marketing when he could make profits trading?

    As others have observed, I think Jason Bond (and possibly other Raging Bull leads who I don’t have direct experience with) is making most of his money from selling subscriptions and not from trading. I only have a limited sample size of one month, but from what I have seen as an active member of both Jason Bond Picks and Weekly Windfalls for the last month Jason lost a LOT more money than he made. And as he was losing on the trading side, the sales and marketing pressure on amazing subscription deals just kept going up. It has left me with a definite taste in my mouth of “fake” and perhaps even outright “scam”, and there is no way I will be giving either Jason Bond or Raging Bull any more of my hard-earned dollars.

  3. I have recently come across Bond ads and have to say I am very interested. It seems as though he has read customer feedback and made changes. He now has a reduced price and clearly tells people to trade with paper money until they get the repeated results they are expecting and is offering a money back guarantee if you complete x level of courses (2-3 hours). He also states this is not a get rich quick activity and it is about small gains that an individual sets for goals. Sounds like Bond’s goals and investment risks are higher then those described here so of course you cannot compare your monetary results line by line with him. I see a ton of hate above but the product I am seeing sold now looks different unless you all thought you were going to get rich quick. If that is the case which of you purchased the millionaire maker service and how is that working out. In addition, those of you that have only done this for a month, how do those six month diets work for you if you only do it for a month?

    Still on the fence but had to post a comment with a different viewpoint than the current band wagon on display.


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